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Welcome in Salon Sopot

We offer you Beauty & Spa services of the highest quality

I created Salon Sopot having women in mind. I wish myself that Salon Sopot would always be a magical place for you where you can stop, soothe your senses and where femininity will be understood. Discovering the beauty inside us and care of it is a challenge and commitment that Salon Sopot undertakes because I know perfectly well that each of us wants to feel beautiful regardless of beauty and time.

Karolina Wałdowska, Salon Sopot

Salon Sopot recommends

The best treatments in this season

Crypolisys for the hair - new hair care treatments.

Crypolisys for the hair - new hair care treatments.

Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary treatment that recovers the damaged and fragile hair. Working with extremely low temperatures, it acts on...

Facial treatments - regain your youth

Facial treatments - regain your youth

To protect skin against free radicals and restore its lost vitality, it is important to provide skin with antioxidants. Revitalizing...

Needle skin mesotherapy - Dr CYJ Hair Filler

Needle skin mesotherapy - Dr CYJ Hair Filler

The treatment is intended for people who want to stop hair loss, speed up regrowth of the hair, thicken it...


An intelligent method of stimulating your skin and your body.

30 years of research and experience has allowed LPG® company to create a truly revolutionary endermologie® Alliance method - the only non-invasive, mechanical stimulation that evokes cellular metabolism in a natural way.

Visible effects after only 3 treatments. The new endermologie® Alliance patent allows intensive and rapid stimulation of tissues while maintaining exceptional comfort of the treatment.

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Beauty treatments

Care of your skin's condition and relaxation.

We have prepared for you a wide range of beauty treatments of the best and most recognized brands such as Selvert Thermal and Decléor. The purpose of our beauty treatments is to improve the appearance and functioning of the skin, as well as to reduce imperfections that are caused by the sun, pollution, stress and aging processes. Let your skin always stay healthy, firm and free of impurities.

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Beauty treatment in Salon Sopot

Hairdressing services

Haircut, modeling, colouring, regeneration and hair care.

Haircut, modeling and colouring carried out by professionals using the best quality products will give your hair unprecedented shine. We know how important the health of your hair is, that's why we also have a number of Kerastase regeneration and care treatments for you that will ensure an immediate transformation of your hair and a lasting result.

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Hairdressing services in Salon Sopot

SPA Relaxation Zone

Massages and treatments that revitalize the skin of the body.

Relaxing treatments and massages will relax your body and introduce it in a state of relief. Regardless of whether you need to relax after a hard day or improve the condition of your skin, we will prepare the proper conditions for you and products of the highest quality.
All treatments are completely safe and will help to regenerate the skin of your body, restore its elasticity, smoothness and tension.

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SPA Relaxation Zone Salon Sopot

Opinions about our salon

Hundreds of customers have trusted us

Pleasures were endless ... starting from a cup of delicious coffee through very nice and professional women, to a wonderful pleasant effect of the treatments! I recommend this salon to anyone who wants to come out happy, relaxed and smiling. Thank you.


Very pleasant and professional service, expert and accurate advices :) I heartily recommend this place - for the first time in a long time I left the hairdressing salon so very happy with the effect on my head :) perfect relaxation for a busy young mum, but not only;)


I am very pleased. Thanks to Ms. Asia, my hair is finally styleable ! It was a difficult metamorphosis but the effect is above expectations! In the end I like my hair. In addition the stay at Salon Sopot is a pure pleasure! [...]


The philosophy of Salon Sopot is a promise of harmony and beauty which is guaranteed by the soothing atmosphere, individually selected and personally tested treatments performed by professionals using the best products.

Marki kosmetyków loreal, decleor, selvert thermal, mesoestetic, xylogic
Marki kosmetyków loreal, decleor, selvert thermal, mesoestetic, xylogic
Marki kosmetyków loreal, decleor, selvert thermal, mesoestetic, xylogic
Marki kosmetyków loreal, decleor, selvert thermal, mesoestetic, xylogic