Hair Extensions - Keratin / Tape-On - Sopot, Gdynia, Gdańsk



This is one of the best methods of non-invasive, safe and effective hair extension and thickening. The treatment consists of combining hair of the highest quality with your own hair using keratin. The keratin connections are very small, have the same colour as your hair, so they are invisible and the hair looks natural. Before the visit it is advisable to make an appointment to select the proper hair type.

Name Price
Hair extensions with keratin method - 1 strand 25-30 PLN
Hair shift with keratin method - 1 strand 15-20 PLN
Removal of hair extensions – 1 strand 5 PLN


Hair extension and thickening by Tape-On method - the most trusted method by professional hairdressers and clients. Tiny tapes give a discreet and comfortable hair extension wchich match perfectly with your natural hair. Get volume and length in just one hour.

Name Price
Hair extensions by Tape-On method 2h - 2h 30' / 300 - 900 PLN
Hair shift by Tape-On method 2h 30' - 3h / 250 - 750 PLN
Hair extensions by Tape-On method - Hair tapes 350 - 2000 PLN

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