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HAIR.TOXX - Crypolisys for the hair

HAIR.TOXX - Crypolisys for the hair

The Hair.Toxx Full Treatment is a complete hair recovery! Its formula, rich in Açaí Berry from the Amazon and Lipophilic Complex, has the power to recover all damage caused by natural agents and chemical processes. Its anti-oxidant capacity provides a deep hydration and reconstruction, rejuvenating the hair cuticle. The results are visible right after the first application!
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One treatment

75' / 200 PLN

One treatment with coloring or haircut

100 PLN

Kerastase K Water - Instant water surface effect on hair

Thanks to K Water, hair undergoes a complete transformation. The effect is similar to skin-lightening facial products. After application of K Water, hair gains a stunning glow like never before. It is a perfect solution before special occasions and for big events. The First Lamellar Ritual for the renewal of micro-damage on the hair surface, after application of which it gains an intensive glow, becomes light and soft!

K Water Treatment for hair cutting or modelling service

40 PLN


OLAPLEX hair care system is used during hair coloUr treatment at the hair salon. It was created to replicate and regenerate disulfide hair bonds that are damaged or ruptured during chemical treatments such as dyeing, brightening, high temperature or mechanical damage. Thanks to the unique, patented formula, Olaplex rebuilds broken disulfide hair bonds and makes them regenerated, soft, smooth and perfectly shiny after just one treatment.

Price of treatment

180 PLN


JOICO K-PAK Hair Repair System is designed for all hair types, it rebuilds and strengthens damaged hair, increases their glow, restores optimal hydration. It consists of 4 steps:

  • Step 1 - CLEANSING
    Effectively removes all micropollutanta. Hair becomes perfectly fresh.
  • Step 2 - SMOOTHING
    It accurately evens out the surface. Hair becomes perfectly smooth and soft.
    Intensively rebuilds and repairs the structure. Hair becomes flexible and elastic.
    Deeply moisturizes and gives flexibility. Hair becomes shiny and susceptible to styling.
The treatment is a response to the women’s hair problems such as intensive damage, frizz, fragility, dry hair, low susceptibility to styling. The treatment is preceded by the analysis of the scalp and hair.

Joico regeneration long hair

160 PLN

Joico regeneration medium length hair

140 PLN

Joico regeneration short hair

120 PLN


The revolutionary Fusio-Dose care treatment ensures an immediate transformation of your hair and a long-lasting result. 5 concentrated formulas in the form of boosters are combined with 4 concentrates rich in active substances, which gives us 20 possible combinations of individually tailored care. Concentrates and boosters form personalized blends with a high content of active ingredients. The new Fusio-Dose care program is a breakthrough in the field of individually tailored hair care. Fusio-Dose is an "injection" of beauty with an immediate effect that can be experienced by every woman in Salon Sopot. Kerastase enriched ritual is dedicated to very dry and damaged hair. This ritual contains a suitable blend of booster and concentrate, a relaxing head massage and a highly concentrated mask tailored to the needs of the scalp and hair. The treatment is preceded by the analysis of the scalp and hair.

Kerastase basic ritual together with colouration or haircut

70 PLN

Kerastase basic ritual together with modeling

100 PLN

Kerastase enriched ritual together with colouration or haircut

100 PLN

Kerastase enriched ritual with modeling

130 PLN


The ritual is based on the action of two cosmetics: concentrated emulsion Caviar Pearls Chronologiste and Creme Chronologiste mask. They were enriched with marine ingredients. These are four grooming gestures that will cleanse and wrap the tired hair, giving them vitality and gloss. Kerastase ritual includes also special massages that stimulate hair renewal and relax in a perfect way. Revitalizing CAVIAR, relaxing MASSAGE, captivating FRAGRANCE

Kerastase Chronologiste ritual

150 PLN

Microneedle mesotherapy of the scalp

This treatment is intended for people who want to stop hair loss, speed up regrowth, thicken the hair and give it more density. The unique formula of 7 peptides and hyaluronic acid stimulates circulation and improves blood supply to the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles. Innovation DR.CYJ Hair Filler is a patented technology of prolonged release and penetration of active substances - the minimum dose of concentrated product is working in the skin for another 2 weeks after the treatment causing slow, long lasting release and penetration of active ingredients. The treatment is indicated for both women and men. The therapy lasts for 2 months and requires 4 sessions at intervals of 2 weeks. To maintain the effect it is recommended to repeat the treatment after 6 months.

1 treatment

600 PLN

4 treatments

550 PLN / treatment

La Biosthetique Anty-Age - Hair loss treatment

LA BIOSTHETIQUE treatments for hair and scalp are based on the latest dermatological findings. The name DERMOSTHETIQUE is derived from the Greek words DERMA and ESTHETIQUE (from French: perceived beauty). In collaboration with leading dermatologists LA BIOSTHETIQUE has created DERMOSTHETIQUE - a holistic cellular anti-aging concept. The assumptions of the concept are:


Price of treatment

150PLN / 75min

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs - Tratamiento de cuidado con ampolla

A regeneration treatment. In order to protect long hair from any damage and stress factors, a series of Cheveux Longs with hyaluronic acid has been developed, which deeply moisturizes and prevents hair breakage. The Detandling Spa Blister softens and untangles the hair in the blink of an eye. Thanks to Sacha Inchi nuts and silk extract, it strengthens the hair and gives it shine and flexibility. Keep hair healthy, shiny, nourished and beautifully strong even if chemically treated.

Price of treatment

15-75' / 100-130PLN

La Biosthetique Oil Therapy - Hair Lubrication

Oil Therapy is a professional care that activates the hydration of the hair through a rich complex of natural oils and nourishing lotions. It restores shine and vitality and is effective even for very damaged and dry hair. The Oil Therapy treatment consists of two stages: first, a nourishing complex of Volume Oil or Vital Oil is applied, which is not too greasy and spreads perfectly on the hair. It also has hydrophobic properties, which inhibit water penetration, making the hair less vulnerable to damage. In the second stage, the Volume or Vital cream is applied, wrapping the hair with an organic protective layer and increasing the effect of the previous lubrication. The products intensely strengthen the hair, especially after intensive chemical treatments.

Price of treatment

60-75' / 150PLN

Rica - Mediterranean Rejuvenation Ritual

Complex regeneration of the hair with the cactus pear cosmetic line, enriched with copper, selenium and zinc contained in the volcanic water. The Rejuvenating Ritual deeply moisturizes and nourishes the hair, softens its structure to the tips, adds energy and healthy shine.

Price of treatment

75' / 120PLN

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