Salon Sopot - Hair modeling and styling Sopot, Gdynia, Gdańsk


Hair length

  • SHORT – hair reaching up to the ear
  • MEDIUM LENGTH – hair reaching up to the neck and not longer than 5 cm down the shoulders
  • LONG - hair longer than 5 cm down the shoulders

Modeling waves / curls

Name Price
Modeling waves / curls long hair 120 PLN
Modeling waves / curls medium length hair 90 PLN
Modeling waves / curls short hair 70 PLN

Modeling bun

Name Price
Modeling bun / hairstyle long hair 160-200 PLN
Modeling bun / hairstyle medium length hair 130-160 PLN

Modeling with blow-drying

Name Price
Modeling with blow-drying – long hair 90 PLN
Modeling with blow-drying – medium length hair 70 PLN
Modeling with blow-drying – short hair 50 PLN

Wedding hairstyle

Name Price
long/medium/short hair 200-300 PLN

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