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Salon Sopot

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I created Salon Sopot having women in mind. I wish myself that Salon Sopot would always be a magical place for you where you can stop, soothe your senses and where femininity will be understood. Discovering the beauty inside us and care of it is a challenge and commitment that Salon Sopot undertakes because I know perfectly well that each of us wants to feel beautiful regardless of beauty and time.

I am pleased to present you selected, carefully chosen treatments, performed with passion by experienced professionals. They have been tailored to every need of the skin. There have been selected treatments that are the most effective in fight against skin imperfections, skin aging, water loss, uneven colouring and dilated blood vessels.

Taking care of ourselves today and every day, we cultivate our beauty for life. Finding time for yourself now will result in the future. This is the message with which I want to share with you. In Salon Sopot we will accompany and support you in caring of your femininity. Moments spent in Salon Sopot are the time devoted to highlight beauty that is in each of us. Time for yourself is a condition of balance in every aspect of life.

Karolina Wałdowska, Salon Sopot

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