LPG Alliance Treatments

LPG® endermologie® Alliance

Feel good in your body. Feel yourself!

An intelligent method of stimulating your skin and your body.

30 years of research and experience has allowed LPG® company to create a truly revolutionary endermologie® Alliance method - the only non-invasive, mechanical stimulation that evokes cellular metabolism in a natural way.

Discover the new dimension of endermologie® Alliance for effective rejuvenation and slimming.

LPG Alliance treatments on the body. Visible effects after only 3 treatments

The new endermologie® Alliance patent allows intensive and rapid stimulation of tissues while maintaining exceptional comfort of the treatment.

endermologie® Alliance acts in three dimensions on your body:

  • It reduces locally the resistant adipose tissue
  • It smoothes out cellulite
  • It firms the skin by stimulating the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

LPG Alliance facial treatments. Visible effects after the first treatment

The new patent endermologie® Alliance is a real fitness for your skin. It naturally stimulates the restoration and production of rejuvenating skin components:

  • Collagen for firm skin
  • Elastin for elasticity
  • Hyaluronic acid for the natural filling and hydration of the skin

Effects of LPG Alliance treatments


10 treatments

1600 PLN

15 treatments

2200 PLN

20 treatments

2700 PLN

Prices presented for clients with Salon Sopot Golden Card

LPG clothing should be purchased once for the treatment - 100 PLN

Facial treatments

Endermolift 1 treatment

40 min / 150 PLN

With face treatment / 100 PLN

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